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The University Advisory Board is the key source of external advice and advocacy to assist the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors and the Deans to provide strategic directions for welfare of GMU and develop GMU into one of the top medical universities in UAE and beyond.





Members will be drawn from the leaders in the fields of Health Professions Education, Research and Healthcare Services in UAE and internationally.

Term of office

Two years (Renewable)

Frequency of Meetings

The University Advisory Board will meet annually, and as and when required.

Reporting to

Board of Trustees



Decision-Making & Voting Right

The committee adopts a collaborative decision-making approach. Every member has voting rights including students. A simple majority, defined as more than 50%, is necessary for the approval of any given decision.


  • Approve and periodically review the institution’s mission and vision statements

  • Advise, review and make recommendations in relation to university strategic and business plans

  • Identify and prioritize initiatives and projects that will help in achieving the University goals in a timely manner

  • Contribute towards the development of initiatives that will lead towards the attainment of improved University ranking

  • Contribute towards the development of linkages with health industry and the wider health community, both locally and internationally

  • Create a national and international network of strategic alliances in education, healthcare and research with leading academic organizations and institutions

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