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SDG 01: No Poverty

GMU is committed to continuously improve its contribution to SDG 1- No Poverty. GMU has been progressingits endeavors for achieving SDG 1, some of them include the following:


GMU students rallied together to aid earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. They donated crucial items like food and clothing, displaying both empathy and a global perspective. This selfless act reflects GMU's commitment to making a positive impact worldwide, underscoring the potency of collective action in times of adversity. By providing essential food items to the victims, GMU students contribute to SDG 2's objective of ending hunger and ensuring food security.

College of Dentistry in partnership with Athar, provide free iftar meal for the patient

College of Dentistry, GMU in partnership with Athar, hosted a remarkable dental screening event on 14th April 2023. The event took place outside the Ajman Museum, where the university’s senior dental students and faculty offered free dental checkups to more than 1000 patients. Patients requiring further treatment were referred to Thumbay Dental Hospital, where they could receive needed treatment to improve their oral health. Patients were given dental kits that included toothpaste and toothbrushes, the patients were also served with free iftar meals.


Gulf Medical University (GMU) embraces the spirit of giving and compassion through its annual Ramadan Can Food Campaign. This initiative exemplifies GMU's commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realms of healthcare education. During the holy month of Ramadan, GMU rallies its students, faculty, and staff, as well as the wider community, to come together and contribute non-perishable food items. These provisions are then thoughtfully packaged and distributed to those in need, embodying the values of empathy and solidarity that GMU holds dear. The Ramadan Can Food Campaign not only addresses immediate hunger but also serves as a testament to GMU's dedication to community welfare, fostering a culture of kindness and support. This heartfelt effort underscores GMU's belief in the power of collective action to bring about meaningful change in the lives of those less fortunate.

Free treatment of patients by Dental Interns of Gulf Medical University

The students in clinical years and interns from the college provide dental treatment services to patients at GMU academic teaching hospitals. Every patient is required to open a file at a minimal

Amount of 30 AED for one time and the patient will be treated 100% free of cost irrespective of the treatment cost-covering even up to 15000 AED. The College in collaboration with its dental teaching hospital team will make an action plan every academic year to treat more and more patients. The strategic goals of GMU and CoD are toprovide high-level competent and skilled graduates with the commitment to serve the needy population of thecommunity and deliver their commitment towards the UAE society.


Free Physiotherapy Camp in Collaboration with Thumbay Physical therapy Rehabilitation and Thumbay University Hospital

Thumbay Physical therapy Rehabilitation Hospital, Ajman organized a one-day free physiotherapy camp for UAE residents in collaboration with Thumbay University Hospital on May 22nd, 2022. This camp’s main focus was to create health awareness and address the community needs. Patients were offered free Physical Therapist consultations, free physiotherapy sessions, Digital Spine Analysis and ‘Risk of Fall Assessment and Fall Prevention’ program for the elderly, as well as 40% discount on all treatments.

Financial Aid to Students from Lower income and Lower-Middle income countries

GMU has a policy on financial aid to students (link). GMU offers discount of tuition fee to students as and when applicable. GMU has signed MoUs with countries like Palestine, Syria, Yemen, etc. to offer special financial aid in the form of discounts to students from low-income economies or lower-middle income economies country.

The Scholarship Policy of GMU is publicly available on the University website and  has been reviewed during June 2020. Link to Policies:

Total scholarship amount- AED 15,018,079.00

Total scholarship amount- AED 7,539,750.00

Total scholarship amount- AED 1,627,510 

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