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Head of Department/Department Chair








PhD / MD or equivalent qualifications.


Reporting to

Minimum of 5-years of full-time academic experience after the Ph.D.




Knowledgeable about current teaching/learning theories and processes.



● Excellent communication skill both written and verbal.
● Excellent organizational and administrative ability.
● Effective interpersonal skills and team-building ability.
● Analytical, interpretive, and problem-solving skills.
● Ability to work independently and inclusively with faculty, staff, and students from different backgrounds, disciplines, and educational levels.

  • Represent the Department at various college and university committee meetings as required, ensuring that all issues, decisions, policies, regulations, etc., are clearly communicated to department members.

  • Be responsible for calling regular meetings of the Department (typically every month), ensuring that minutes are recorded and distributed to all members.

  • Provide advice and guidance to any member of the Department as required.

  • Lead Department planning sessions and provide input to college committees on these matters.

  • Coordinate faculty training sessions at both internal and external sites, and ensure their quality.

  • Lead the broad research directions of the Department.

  • Ensure the development of strategies for integrating teaching with research and communicate these discussions to college members.

  • Coordinate the annual compilation of minor capital facilities planning and design, equipment requests, and shared space or equipment usage associated with teaching, research, and related activities of the Department.

  • Be responsible for recommending representatives for appointment to program committees following consultation with Department members.

  • Participate in the peer teaching assessment of Department members.

  • Be prepared to present and discuss members' Annual Reports to the Dean for a review of progress and consideration of any merit awards.

  • Provide recommendations to the Dean for Department appointees to search committees, assist in the development of position descriptions for new and vacant faculty positions as needed.

  • Assist in the coordination of recruitment activities for new faculty within the Department.

  • Recommend the appointment of external adjunct and clinical faculty appointments required for the teaching, research, and practice initiatives of the Department.

  • Periodically report to college committees on matters of mutual interest and importance.

  • Facilitate the development and mentorship of new faculty in the Department.

  • Participates in the performance evaluation system and monitors the performance of the department faculty and staff.

  • Perform other duties as and when assigned based on the job requirement.

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