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Sales process



Communication, customer service, inventory management


Assist Customers: 

  • Greet customers and assist them in finding products. 

  • Provide information about merchandise, prices, and promotions. 

Handle Inquiries: 

  • Respond to customer inquiries, whether in person, over the phone, or via email. 

  • Provide guidance on product selection and availability. 

Process Transactions: 

  • Operate cash registers and process sales transactions accurately. 

  • Handle cash, credit card, and other payment methods. 

Returns and Exchanges: 

  • Assist customers with returns and exchanges, following the shop's policies. 

  • Resolve customer complaints or concerns in a professional manner. 

Maintain Clean and Organized Store: 

  • Ensure the store is neat, clean, and well-organized. 

  • Arrange merchandise displays to attract customer attention.

Inventory Control: 

  • Monitor and manage inventory levels to prevent stockouts or overstock situations. 

  • Conduct periodic inventory counts and assist with restocking. 

Stock Shelves: 

  • Replenish merchandise on shelves and maintain proper stock levels. 

  • Rotate and arrange products to showcase new arrivals or promotions. 

Price Tagging: 

  • Ensure that all products are appropriately tagged with prices and product information. 

  • Update price tags as needed to reflect sales or promotions. 

Visual Merchandising: 

  • Contribute to creating attractive displays to highlight featured products and promotions. 

  • Change displays regularly to keep the store visually appealing. 

Record Keeping: 

  • Keep records of daily sales transactions and reconcile cash registers. 

  • Prepare reports on sales performance and inventory levels. 

Assist with Merchandise Orders: 

  • Support in placing merchandise orders based on inventory needs and sales trends. 

  • Receive and verify deliveries from suppliers. 

Collaborate with Team: 

  • Work collaboratively with other sales associates and team members. 

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues to ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

Training Support: 

  • Assist in training new sales associates on store policies, procedures, and customer service standards. 

Promote Sales and Events: 

  • Inform customers about upcoming sales, promotions, and university-related events. 

  • Encourage participation in loyalty programs or promotions. 

Adhere to Policies: 

  • Follow university shop policies, including dress code, security measures, and operating hours. 

  • Stay Informed: Stay informed about university events, merchandise updates, and any changes in store policies.

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