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Cellular Imaging Incharge








• Masters degree with relevant research experience in biology or biophysics using light, confocal, and high-content microscopy techniques.
• Preferred candidates will have experience in industry or an imaging core facility where they conducted collaborations that involved preparing, imaging, and/or analyzing cells and tissues involving RNA and proteins.
• An exemplary record of scientific accomplishments in discovery, extramural grants and publications in respected peer-reviewed journals.


Reporting to

• Strong experience in Cell Imaging domain is required.




• Knowledge in tumor and cell biology as well as cell imaging.
• Knowledge of department and college policies, procedures, and practices.



• Expertise with a broad-spectrum of microscopy and imaging equipment including light, confocal, bioluminescent, and high-content microscopes
• Expertise in image processing and analysis
• Demonstrated track record of innovative labeling methods for DNA, RNA, and proteins
• Ability to work effectively within a broader cross-functional team and manage core equipment/resources
• Organized, self-starter with demonstrated problem-solving skills
• Detail-oriented, with strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to participate as a team member, ability to understand and interpret rules and regulations, and ability to adjust to change with a positive attitude.
• Manages continuity change and transition
• Creativity and dynamism
• MS Office

  • In charge of the confocal microscope platform and responsible for confocal microscopy and cell imaging that contributes to the mission of TRIPM. 

  • Characterize the protein, mRNA, and gRNA half-lives using imaging techniques and analysis

  • Perform the preparation, detection, imaging, and analysis of cells/tissues after treatment CRISPR/Cas9 components

  • Support on-going collaborations and imaging experiments related to current and future therapeutic programs

  • Maintain and oversee microscope instrumentation and high-content imaging equipment

  • Provide training, consultation, collaboration, and hands-on troubleshooting of imaging experiments across TRIPM’s research organization

  • Identify both institutional and environmental strengths, challenges, trends and opportunities.

  • Training and assisting researchers on multiple and varied fluorescence microscopes

  • Assisting researchers with experimental design focused on producing data for publications and grants

  • Design/create/distribute media (posters, flyers, website) to educate researchers and promote core.

  • Coordinating with technical and service support to ensure microscopy hardware is online and operating as expected.

  • Efficiently managing multiple schedules, communications and administration for continuous fusion of above tasks.

  • Monitor current literature on biosensors, cells dyes and bioimaging to promote informed discussions on microscopy techniques, advances and applicability.

  • Perform assigned responsibilities, duties, and tasks according to established practices, procedures, techniques, and standards in a safe manner and with minimal supervision.

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