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Institutional Research Manager






QA&IE Deanship


Bachelor's or Master's degree in Institutional Research, Statistics, or a related field.

Dean of QA&IE

Reporting to

8+ years of leadership experience in institutional research, with a track record of managing and implementing successful research programs.




- Leadership experience in managing institutional research functions.
- Familiarity with national and international trends in institutional research.



- Advanced statistical analysis skills.
- Ability to design and oversee comprehensive research projects.
- Experience in presenting research findings to diverse audiences.
- Strong interpersonal skills for collaborating with various departments.

  • Oversee the design, administration, analysis, and reporting of cyclical institutional surveys, as approved and reviewed by QA&IE Committee.

  • Prepare a variety of university publications such Fast Facts, Fact Book, Annual Performance reports at University and College levels.

  • Prepare and develop relevant reports to support the accreditation and awarding processes.

  • Participate and provide support for the University’s strategic planning, institutional effectiveness and outcomes assessment processes.

  • Provides support for the University’s risk management processes

  • Provides support for the University’s ranking cyclical submissions to ranking agencies.

  • Develop relevant, timely and accurate institutional information to administrators, the University community, the external community, and external regulatory agencies.

  • Monitor data integrity and continuously assess and recommend opportunities to improve data and research quality.

  • Identify, report and enhance Institutional and program level KPIs and ensure that this data is effectively used in program planning and effectiveness.

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